Expert Recommended Apps and Services For The Daily Parent

Pregnancy Tracker Apps

These apps help parents understand their baby’s growth inside the womb. They guide the parents about the baby’s development in nine months. Using these apps, the parents can understand the different stages of pregnancy. They can also have an idea about their baby’s current stage of growth.

Flo Pregnancy Tracker

  • Monitor your pregnancy week by week with personalized insights and tips
  • Log symptoms to better understand your pregnancy journey
  • Receive notifications for upcoming periods, birth control pill reminders and predicted symptoms


Glow Nurture AI Pregnancy App

  • Integrated with Apple’s Health app
  • Features fetal development images and updates on baby’s size
  • Includes both a baby kick counter and contraction tracking


  • Offers baby name lists and information about country of origin and name meaning
  • The app integrates appointments with your phone’s calendar
  • Features a weekly “bump” photo album that expands after baby is born to include their first year in photos                                                                                                         

Child Development Apps

A child growth application monitors the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and linguistic growth of a child during the formative years. With proper checklists, the parents can ensure the development process of their little one. The aim of the child development app focuses on the five development areas, which include:

  • Cognitive development
  • Emotional and social development
  • Speech and language development
  • Gross motor skills development
  • Fine motor skills development


  • Kinedu enables users to join live expert classes and learn parenting, development, etc. It also allows interactive customer sessions.
  • Parents can share their experiences, learnings, and tips with others by connecting via the app.
  • Users can apply for expert sessions to satisfy their personal queries. It offers the necessary confidence boost to take care of the children.
  • With access to hundreds and thousands of fun, educational, and interactive activities, both parents and kids enhance their skills and learnings.

Growth: Child Charts

  • No hidden charges
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Numerous growth charts and standards available- CDC/ WHO, etc
  • Clicking on the chart offers in-depth insights
  • Internet connection is not necessary
  • Data can get exported to a spreadsheet
  • Global metric systems and decimals allowed
  • Forecasting available
  • Data entry is editable

CDC Milestone Tracker

  • The CDC’s new Milestone Tracker app allows you to track children’s milestones from age 2 months to 5 years with CDC’s easy-to-use illustrated checklists
  • get tips from CDC for encouraging child development
  •  find out what to do if you are ever concerned about how a child is developing. 
  • Available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Co-parenting Apps

These apps help parents, separated parents, caretakers, etc., take care of the child efficiently. They can share vital information to keep themselves updated on the child’s activities, growth, and development. Moreover, these apps contain calendars, to-do lists, schedules, etc., for better management of everyday activities.

Our Family Wizard

  • Pegged as the number one co-parenting app,
  • A shared calendar lets you view which parent has the kids on what day, events are color-coded with notes on who’s doing pick-up and drop-off and holidays are marked with a star.
  • Need to adjust the schedule? Avoid getting into a heated back-and-forth by sending a calendar change request. Your co-parent can simply accept or reject it
  • . The app also has a messenger tool that streamlines communication.


  • Onward allows users to easily share past expenses or propose future expenses with their co-parent
  • You can upload receipts so there is a consolidated paper trail
  • Keep track of your balance and who owes who at any given time
  • View reports of your spending by month, by child and by category so you can see who spent what

Custody X Change

  • Custody X Change has a range of tools to help co-parents draft and navigate a parenting plan.
  • Custody X Change has a range of step-by-step templates to help co-parents draft a parenting plan, which can then be court-documented at a later date.
  • Custody X Change also hosts a parent-to-parent communication system that detects hostile language, giving you the opportunity to rephrase messages and avoid any drama.

Findmykids: Accurate GPS Tracker for Children

The peace of mind that comes with knowing where your children are cannot be understated. Anyone who has dealt with the sheer panic of momentarily losing a child can attest to that. Therefore, there is no other app more important than one that will tell you where you can find your child at any given moment. Findmykids is the best locator app available.

Kids360: All-in-One Parental Control App

Parents can download the Kids360 app on their smartphones, and the companion Alli360 on their child’s mobile device. These apps work together, allowing you to set a screen time limit to avoid your child being distracted by games, apps, and social media online platforms, and to set an overall usage schedule.

For us, Kids360 is one of the best parenting apps out there right now, as it’s a great one-stop solution to both manage your child’s use of their device and get an insight into how they’re using it.